description colosseum rome interior

Inside the building is the auditorium, or the marble bleachers where the spectators sat, strictly divided by class. The top government officials sat in the "podium", just above the imperial throne, and then by order were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd balcony. The podium for the senators and their families, had wide steps and downs which were resting on the wooden seats. On the balustrades were then list the names of senators who could boast of reserved seats. At the two ends of the shorter sides they were however two stages: one reserved to the emperor and one to the prefect of Rome. The high dignitaries and the emperor had available reserved inputs separated from the rest of the public. To access the Colosseum, the people had to instead buy a tesserae and get in line in front of the arch which bore engraved the number corresponding to it.

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