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After closing in 2006 for the safety and restoration of the archaeological site, we are glad to announce the opening to the public of the restoration site of the Domus Aurea, for guided tours only, on Saturdays and Sundays.


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The Domus Aurea restoration site reopens with innovative media interventions intended to increase the scientific development of the restoration site.
The Domus Aurea opening marks a special, new approach to sharing the archaeological riches of Italy with the public.
No longer "closed for restoration" but "open for restoration" this new philosophy invites you to understand the challenges regarding degradation and the consequent restoration techniques of the archaeological site and its paintings.

The new, site specific project includes two measures aimed at increasing the enjoyment of the visitors with multimedia installations that make use of the latest technologies, such as video mapping on large surfaces and virtual reality.
The two measures develop along the itinerary, along the in twelve stages of the guided tour through the construction site of the Domus Aurea.

A moving projection regarding the history of the Domus Aurea begins the itinerary in the gallery entrance.
A virtual reality installation inside the Hall of the Golden Vault follows.
The final experience is a journey through time, a completely new use of the world of technologies applied to cultural heritage, evoking both cognitive and emotional responses from the visitor.

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